Environmental Air Conditioner
Air Purifier cabinet
Multi-plume background noise centrifugal wind whee
4-72 series fan
Single-inlet Centrifugal Exhaust Fan
KTAF series double inlet centrifugal exhaust cabin
Environmental protection and water Lian Cabinet
Industrial drying machine
KT Square powerful suction-type fan
Conveyor belt production line
Wet curtain
Dry precipitator precipitator

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Hong Kong LIDAR Environmental Engineering Company
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Unity and harmony, and innovation.
Treat people honest, sincere service.
There is no best, only better.
LIDAR is full of vitality, creativity and ideas, the pursuit of the perfect good team; we dare to challenge, to create a miracle, we have always been the performance of the overall professional standards, we believe that the wisdom of individuals is limited, and only in the whole team can play to infinite.
We are for a common goal together, we are like brothers and sisters. We know a difference between the fingers and a fist, we are confident, because we are different; we happy because we are embodied in the work of its value. We are faced with the responsibility, competition and pressure, good at unity, coordination, challenging limits; we know: sail against the current, to fall behind survival of the fittest. So we thought to promote the creation, with action to achieve its objectives. We cherish each other's every pay, and we share the results achieved in each point, we harvest: the joy of success and direction of the vertices feeling.
"Success in protecting the edge"
LIDAR Advantages
Within the same industry, our products are the most comprehensive, specifications largest institutions; has a professional production factory that can manufacture according to your request you want, different specifications. Meet the different needs of friends.
LIDAR technology advantages
Combination of market and customer needs, constant innovation, according to the new technology and new approaches to develop different product specifications, product specifications in the same industry, ranking first; product production technology, a solid foundation technology, development of new technologies; have more than items of patented technology.
Kodatsu scale advantages
Companies in Guangdong, Hunan, Liaoning, Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Beijing and other places to establish factories and stores, and numerous distributors in the domestic same industry, the sales and service organizations are the largest after-sales service is the most secure institutions.
LIDAR Advantage Marketing Services
The company has sales and service centers in various places to provide you with equipment, consumables supply services to address the priorities you have a ballpark figure by looking back. Around the plant for you to provide more and more comprehensive equipment and consumables supply services; light up in the domestic same industry, the sales and service organization, after-sales service of the most secure institutions.
Lidar Join Advantage
Agents throughout the years and has joined the management experience, suitable for different regions and different ages, different investment funds, friends, shop for the localization of entrepreneurship programs; LIDAR remained before walking in the same trade advantages.
Light up advertising advantage
Set of e-commerce network platform, web search platforms, books and magazines, print media, television broadcasting in the body, accompanied by promotional product catalogs, leaflets advertising the form of a variety of color pages in the same industry with high visibility; light up to have a professional and independent platform for network products.

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