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1, the total agent certification
A. an independent legal personality;
B. Capital 50 million yuan, the number more than 10 people, there are full-time staff of marketing and publicity work of LIDAR
C. to have a fixed place of business, fixed sales network and complete the sales team, a wealth of operational experience in the local have a good business reputation, social relations, and to have a certain economic strength;
D. general agent of the first purchase prices according to supply not less than 20 million yuan, annual sales reached 100 million yuan;
E. through the light up to the company's assessment and approval.

Second, an agent certification
A. legal target for the development of related industries, with a certain degree of market development capabilities;
B. an agency of the first purchase is not less than 3 million yuan and annual sales of 20 million yuan;
C. through the light up to the company's assessment and approval.

3, dealers Certification
Where to light up to a better understanding of company's products are willing to distribute light up products, companies, individuals (including part-time staff) may distribute light up products. They must pass the light over the company's certification, and for the record.

4, accreditation procedures
A. For the company's total light energy-saving environmental protection agency air-conditioning units of the product should the company profile, a copy of business license, the responsible person resume, ID card printing pieces, market development plans and other materials by fax or mail to Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Yan Fen River section of Al-Qaeda building houses. Company Profile including the completion of time, the registered capital, legal representative of the name, size, experience in related or similar products to promote, market and technical staff status and so on. For individuals agent or distributor, take a copy of personal ID card, copies of academic qualifications, resume, marketing plan etc. sent to light the company's total marketing.
B. Lidar company will review the above information in line with the conditions of agents or distributors will be allowed to become the agent or dealer, and issued a written document duly authorized.
C. In order to ensure the interests of agents and corporate headquarters to prevent the direct customers to purchase products to agents in the name and price of purchase, the company will strictly control the purchasing agent for the first time discount, those who are not signed agency agreements, the company will be directly customer treatment.

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