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Hong Kong LIDAR Environmental Engineering Company
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     Hong Kong light up environmental engineering company was founded in 1983. Lihui Bo, general manager of the company two decades under the leadership of all staff indomitable. For excellence so that the business has continuously grown and developed from a single installation to the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance one-stop service.
      From the beginning of 1983, based in Hong Kong, expanding the mainland, respectively in Guangdong, Hunan, Liaoning, Sichuan, Chongqing, Beijing and other places plant-based city, the direct production or sale of LIDAR products. Not only simplifies the sales channels. A large-scale benefit, directly to customers, subject to critical acclaim. Gradually developed into the company's dual-centrifugal air cabinet, fire wind cabinet (machine), single-inlet centrifugal, environmental protection and water Lian cabinets, water, air purification cabinets, washed clean air-conditioned cool style cabinets, environmentally-friendly wet net cool machine, industrial ovens, Korean poly pressure, centrifuge the wind wheel and other products of similar products at home and abroad not only absorbed the essence of
They melt into his own original design and has made more than a dozen patents, the products possess energy-saving, low noise, safe, lightweight, beautiful, durable, installation fast and easy maintenance features. Products sold at home and abroad for many years, has been the unanimous praise from customers and become the leader of similar products. The company designed, installed air-conditioning refrigeration, cleaning, exhaust, muffler, humidifiers and other systems engineering is also well known Great Wall and the river north and south.
       Ten trees, takes a hundred years, the company can achieve success today, no more than four points: First, ones who enjoy and benefit from the support of our customers trust, and second, focus on talent, broad strokes of professionals, and strengthen professional training to continuously improve the company's professional and technical level of all kinds of talents the company's long-term adherence to a policy-making. Third, strengthening the management skills, to effectively tap the talent and potential. Fourth, strictly control product quality. Strict implementation of ISO9001: 2000 version of total quality management requirements, so that routine work to achieve standardization, automation, and under strictly controlled condition.
There's the wise decision-making and high-level technical team backed by a strong, light up products are crowd in on the air-conditioning, extraction, purification series high precision and advanced positions. In 2002 the company selected for the National Standardization Committee fan unit, the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Association; in 2003 the company was named provinces of Guangdong private technology enterprise, staff satisfaction with the honorary title of a number of enterprises and product certification, in 2004 the company produced a series of brand-name products through the National Center for Audit Quality Assurance has been identified as the National Product Quality notary top ten brands. 2005 was the promotion of Dongguan City Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Integration Services to grant the industry special service units.
"For a grander sight, a higher level," the company adhering to the "quality first, customer first" purpose, consistent cut of "sincerity-oriented, paternity customer as the key link, holders of quality for the Road," the quality policy of enthusiasm for the customer desirable to provide quality products and the creation of perfect service. Light up the company a new corporate image, and constantly progress and improve, and welcome people of all circles at home and abroad to join hands with my work into the company, in the bright future. Light up! Light up! Ban Jun Apprentice!

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